BioAqua Root Renewal Stick

 The BioAqua Root Renewal Stick lets you touch up greys in seconds.

The all-natural plant extracts, beeswax and lecithin work together to nourish hair and lock in moisture.

This non-greasy solution is perfect for temporary touch ups in between salon visits.

It's lightweight texture comfortably covers greys until you wash it out.


1. Use a small piece of cream and gently it to your roots that you want touched up, avoiding the scalp.

2. Wait a moment, or use the hair dryer to dry, avoid touching by hand for a few minutes

3. Once the cream is dried, you can comb it into your hair to smooth out the coloring


Shampoo and rinse hair before going to bed, so as not to rub on bedding.

Use gently, so as not to force too much out at a time, leading to fractured paste

In order to prevent caking, use sparingly, gently and repeat if you want more color after


Dark Brown
Jet Black