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Underwater Snorkel
Underwater Snorkel

Underwater Snorkel

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There's A Whole Other World Awaiting Your Discovery!

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Permission To Explore!

The Underwater Snorkel is unlike any other snorkel or scuba equipment you've ever seen. Our amazing full-face snorkel mask gives you the ability to swim underwater without mouthpieces or incredibly expensive or bulky equipment while providing perfect water vision!

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How Does It Work?

Our 2-Way Respiration system keeps water out while allowing you to breathe. You must still surface for new air of course, but underwater exploration is as easy as breathing! With a full open mask, nothing is obscured and you have a perfect 180° field of vision. The glass is made from poly-carbonate anti-fog material to both keep you safe and keep you seeing clearly.

    Fits Everyone!

    The Underwater Snorkel comes in two simple sizes, for both Children and Adults. Each Snorkel device also includes an easily adjustable elastic ribbon, and the universal size is built to fit most head sizes and shapes. We fit on comfortably without pulling hair. Just tighten to fit!


    What's In The Box

    • Underwater Snorkel
    • Drawstring Carrying Bag
    • Easy User Manual